Baseline Repair and Monitoring

"We'll Fix Almost Anything
With The Exception Of Relationships"

Baseline Repair and Monitoring has been in business since August 2003.

We believe that offering a reliable product at a better than average price is the key to repeat business.

"We will be selling everything from Paper to Printers. Almost Anything Legal."

Corporate franchise pricing available upon request.

Ask about our Incidental Care Program.

All supply products sold come with a (1) year warranty from the date of purchase.

All new hardware items sold, such as Desktop MFP's come with a (12) month MFR warranty.

All new stand alone MFP hardware units sold, such as the Copystar 3010i, Sharp MX-M314N, Toshiba eStudio 306 are sold with the option of professional installation. A customer who wishes to decline the option of professional installation shall sign and return a waiver form before any charges are accepted. The waiver form will release Baseline Repair from any liability associated with the installation of said unit.

Various options of payments available to you.

Check by Mail, Major Credit Card, Money Order, Purchase Order, Even by Cash.

If there is a product you wish for us to sell or get pricing on, please email or text the request and we will post it for you.

Become a member now and dodge the $15.00 membership fee waived for the first year. Limited time offer.

Become a vendor after you become a member and have us sell your products with ease.

Login. Sign up today as a New Customer to get started.

After you sign up, make sure you exit the web site first then try to login.

It may take (24) hours to get the membership status initiated by us.

Just let us know via email, phone or text to remind us.

If you experience any difficulty, we can assist in the completion of the login process.

Just give us a call if need be.

Donations are gladly accepted in order to keep Baseline Repair around for many years to come.

It's easy to donate to Baseline Repair, I have created a product called "Help Fund Frank Now!"

Just type in the word "HELP" into the search box and see what I would like to do.

You can donate whatever your heart desires.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Please feel free to share your experience with others.

Thank you.

Franklin R. Soto,
Disabled Veteran,
STG3 USN (1987 - 1993)

253-848-3816 Main line / Fax
253-606-7912 Talk / Text

Email: [email protected]

Baseline Repair
310 13th Street SE,
Puyallup, Washington
98372-3340, US

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